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We always keep an eye on the international event scene and have already successfully accompanied a large number of exciting biddings. In doing so, we like to “think outside the box” and always try to break new ground when applying for an event.

We accompany a bidding from the feasibility analysis, vision & conception and the content and graphic preparation of the application documents to the negotiation with the rights holders.


Acquisition // Feasibility analysis // Vision & conception//
content & graphic realization of the application documents // consulting & negotiation


Internationales Deutsches Turnfest 2029 // MEN’S EHF EURO 2026, 2028 // UEFA EURO 2024 // EHF Handball EURO 2024 // European Championships 2022 // FIFA World Cups 2021, 2023 // IHF Handball WM 2019 // X Games 2013

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